Johnny Jet Talks Travel With Joan Jetsetter


Johnny Jet talks travel dos and dont's with Joan Jetsetter

Johnny Jet is both a successful travel blogger and social media star, so I was honored to be featured in his Travel Style profile. In this section of his website, Johnny Jet interviews travel pros from all walks of life in order to find out what they love (and dislike) about travel. An excerpt from our talk is below. Read the full story here.

What's your favorite American city and why?

Austin, Texas. I went to Austin for the first time in 2010 for the South by Southwest Music Conference and had a blast listening to bands that were playing just about everywhere they could fit—from tiny clubs and public parks to parking lots and street alleys.

What's your favorite international city?

Paris may be a “moveable feast” and Prague’s cobblestone streets at night can be heartbreakingly beautiful but, for me, there is no other city as exhilarating and undeniably alive as Berlin, Germany.

What's your favorite U.S. and international airports?


Honolulu International Airport is my favorite in the U.S. It’s open-air, low-stress and reminds me of our family trips home from “the Mainland.” My favorite international airport, however, is the Bora Bora Airport, which is located on its very own islet. The only way to get to your hotel is by boat.

What's your favorite fancy restaurant?

The Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler, Canada. My father and I spent some quality time together there, and the sommelier taught me how to saber a champagne bottle, a party trick that I have performed frequently since.

Name your favorite hole in the wall.

Cheer Up Charlies in East Austin, Texas. This dive bar tends to have a diverse mix of young people and offers unusual drinks (kombucha cocktails anyone?), good music and a conjoining “trailer park” (a collection of gourmet food trucks).

What's your favorite travel book?

This is going to seem quite odd, but I’d have to say “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy, which tells the story of a father and son traveling as a means of survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Right now I am reading: “The Boy Kings of Texas: A Memoir” by Domingo Martinez.


Name five things you bring on a plane and something you always seem to forget.

An iPad loaded with a new book, eye shades, a neck pillow, hand lotion and a disposable toothbrush. I always seem to forget an extra stash of business cards. I tend to hand out so many of them while I’m on the road and come short near the end of the journey.

What’s your dream destination?

My dream is to get together a group of friends and combine a week-long stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a trip to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Our trip will end with a few days relaxing in Iguassu Falls National Park.