Learning to Ride an Icelandic Horse on a Black-Sand Beach

Did you know that the Icelandic horse can achieve five gaits while most horses only have three or four? Thanks to Iceland's stringent import/export policies, the Icelandic horse can walk, tölt, trot, pace and canter/gallop. 

In this websiode, I get the thrill of riding an Icelandic horse on a black-sand beach, learning how to tölt for the first time and watching an expert rider attempt the flying pace on a championship Icelandic horse.

I learned to ride my Icelandic horse, Jökull, with Viking Horses, who offers everything from small group tours in lava fields to lavish private tours that can include a helicopter ride over Bardarbunga Volcano. To book a tour or learn more about the Icelandic horse, visit www.vikinghorses.is

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