Take a Selfie With a Great White Shark

Thanks to a trend-setting new boat, known as the “Shark Warrior,” taking a selfie with Jaws has never been easier. The Shark Warrior comes equipped with a special six-seat glass pod that allows travelers to get up close with great white sharks, all while staying dry.

Introduced by South Australian tour operator Adventure Bay Charters, the charter boat operates out of Port Lincoln and takes travelers to the shark-infested waters of Neptune Islands, off the coast of the Eyre Peninsula.

Once the boat reaches great white shark territory, the pod is lowered into the ocean and passengers can climb down into the glass-enclosed viewing area to take in 360-degree views. They needn’t don a wet suit nor a pair of goglesthe boat’s unique submarine-style design keeps guests completely dry.

“Being in the pod is almost like a reverse aquarium, with those creatures of the deep coming over to have a curious look at you inside,” said Matt Waller of Adventure Bay Charters.

Adventure Bay Charters has been operating shark cage diving tours in South Australia since 2011 and is currently the only shark tour operator in the world offering excursions on a vessel like the Shark Warrior. Rates begin at $406 for adults and $316 for children.