Super Jeep: The Best Way to Tour Iceland's Golden Circle?

Driving through Iceland's most rugged terrain in a badass super jeep

Golden Circle Iceland tours are among the most popular ways to experience the wonders of Iceland. Rather than hopping on a bus tour, I chose to go off-roading with Discover Iceland, an adventure tour company offering small group excursions on 4x4 "super jeeps."

A super jeep is a heavily modified 4x4 vehicle that can drive through Iceland's most rugged terrain, from rocky hills to icy glaciers. 

Not only did we experience the Golden Circle of Iceland via super jeep, we also explored Langjokull Glacier, where we learned about global warming and sipped on pure glacial water for the first time.

Discover Iceland offers pre-packaged tours of the Golden Circle, the Northern Lights, Eyjafjallajokull Volcano and more. Multi-day and completely customizable tours are also available. Find out more and book an adventure like ours here.

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