Huffington Post Calls Joan Jetsetter the Next Anthony Bourdain


In a world that's increasingly shaped by millennials, there's room for a new kind of travel show

The Huffington Post wrote an eloquent feature on me and my travel web series, which talks about my background, family life, inspiration and outlook on the world. It's a great piece, which you can read here. An excerpt is below.


Skye looks a bit like Joan Jett, similar hair style and attitude, and so a while back friends, who envied her peripatetic lifestyle, began to call her Joan Jetsetter... and it took. So, she grabbed the Twitter handle @JoanJetsetter, and started thinking about a travel show with the fitting nom de guerre. And she became Director of Social Media at Millennials in Travel, allowing her to delve into bleeding-edge communications and technologies, touching new generations of travelers.

But more than that is the Q factor, the natural charisma that springs through a screen, the authenticity and savvy audiences can detect, and be drawn into.

In my mind, a good travel presenter, to be genuine, must act as a vehicle to liberate geography, history, art and culture from their academic moorings. She must be a guide and interpreter, but one with passion, insatiable uriosity and mental crackle. Skye combines style with elaborate erudition at almost every turn. She’s a generalist and a specialist at once, drawing on vast travel experience to bring to audiences the irreducible essence of people and places.