Paradise Found — On Mykonos

Spending a dreamy day at Mykonos' Paradise Beach

Life as a travel writer is pretty darn good. One of the few subtle drawbacks (trust me, I’m not really complaining here) is having only a few hours to get a sense of a destination before moving on to the next. This was the case for me in Mykonos, Greece, during a Mediterranean cruise with Crystal Cruises.

Mykonos is known for its rowdy nightlife, but if you prefer more sunlit events, it also has its share of wild daytime parties to choose from. With that in mind, I hopped on a moped and zipped away to Paradise Beach (not to be confused with nearby competitor Super Paradise Beach) for a little fun in the sun.

There wasn’t a scheduled party that day, but there were plenty of locals and tourists sipping on cocktails and tanning in next to nothing (and sometimes nothing) while EDM blasted from the speakers. The water, a shade of uncanny turquoise, was just the right temperature. Sunbathers appeared to be drifting away in a state of sun-kissed bliss, and the drinks just kept flowing. For a journalist on assignment, it was a definitely good day at the office.

A version of this blog originally appeared in TravelAge West's Travel To Go Blog. Read it here.

My trip to Mykonos was made possible by Crystal Cruises. Views expressed are my own.