5 Ways to Keep in Weird in Portland, Oregon

Well, we all get strange and we know it—right, Portland?

Portlanders are known for their love of nature, the hyper-local and the just plain strange. Here are 5 ways to keep it weird in Oregon’s largest city.

Cause a Traffic Jam on the Brewcycle
With more than 65 breweries and counting, Portland is definitely a beer city. One of the quirkiest ways to experience “Beervana” is with a pub crawl powered the Brewcycle. Perfect for parties, the Brewcycle will take your group of friends to three bars or breweries where you can try the local IPAs and wheat beers while burning off at least some of the calories. 

Eat Wacky Ass Doughnuts
Speaking of calories, Portland has quite a donut scene too. Voodoo Doughnut, with its iconic pink box, has something for everyone, including its famous Voodoo Doll donut, stabbed through the heart with a pretzel steak and filled with raspberry jam. Other favorites include the Old Dirty Bastard (chocolate frosting, Oreo's and peanut butter) and the Cock-N-Balls (in the shape of, well you guessed it, and filled with Bavarian cream).

Look For Unicorns at Multnomah Falls
A 45-minute drive away, Multnomah Falls looks like the setting of a fantasy film and you half expect to see unicorns or leprechauns to emerge from behind the trees. While it’s only 1.2 miles to the top of the falls, it’s a steep climb past 11 switchbacks. Athletic families should have no problem getting there and are rewarded with stunning views and a recreation area that’s perfect for picnics or just kicking back.

Eat at a Pod
Rather than chasing down mobile food trucks, Portlanders have some 600 stationary food carts that are organized in groups, called pods. Head here to sample cuisines from all over the world as well as try local favorites…with a craft beer to complement them of course.

Find Your Yin and Yang
Tea + tranquility are on the menu at downtown Portland’s hidden gem—Lan Su Chinese Garden. This oasis in the heart of downtown was built by Chinese artisans from Suzhou, Portland’s sister city. Let the calm roll over you during a traditional tea ceremony set to live folk music. They say that the universe is contained in the last drop of tea, so when you’re in Portland, make sure you drink every drop.

Lan Su Chinese Garden is an oasis in downtown Portland. 

Lan Su Chinese Garden is an oasis in downtown Portland. 

My experience on the Brewcycle was made possible BrewGroup PDX. Views expressed are my own.