Easy, Breezy Las Vegas Giveaway

Bellagio Resort & Casino. Image courtesy of  Matthew Paulson .

Bellagio Resort & Casino. Image courtesy of Matthew Paulson.


Enter to win a set of Las Vegas pimp cups and a tote bag from Sin City

For Angelenos, a weekend trip to Las Vegas marks our 21st birthdays, last hurrahs before marriage, priciest New Years Eves and our most spectacular hangovers ever. Yes, we drive to Vegas for the weekend with optimism, open wallets and EDM blasting from our speakers—then we return with a whimper. But we know deep down that we're gluttons for punishment, and we're just gonna do it again ... and again. 

In an effort to mix it up a bit, each time I go to Sin City, I like to try something I've never done before such as trying out one of its many escape rooms or dining at a quirky, theme restaurant. Recently, this quest for the unusual had me flying over downtown Las Vegas on a 12-story, slot machine-inspired zipline—called Slotzilla—and riding the High Roller, a new Ferris wheel, complete with bar service, at The Linq. I had such a blast that I brought home a set of souvenirs, pair of Las Vegas pimp cups and a tote bag, to share with my YouTube subscribers. Watch the video below and enter to win. Who knows? You might be the life of the party with these hilarious pimp cups, never to sip from a boring Solo cup ever again!


My goal is to offer a giveaway once a month from here onward. These giveaways could be travel prizes (such as a comped weekend at a hotel), festival tickets, GoPro cameras or souvenirs from my journeys around the globe. To find out about them, subscribe to my channel. I’m constantly uploading new videos about budget travel, festivals, bucket list trips, off-the-beaten-track adventures, and my ultimate goal is to provide resources to anyone who wants to explore the world around them. Thanks for joining me on this wild journey.