8 Things You Need to Know About Coachella 2017

The art world’s resident totem makers, U.K.-based artists Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan combine op-art graphics and large-scale figures to monumental effect. 

The art world’s resident totem makers, U.K.-based artists Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan combine op-art graphics and large-scale figures to monumental effect. 

A secret tiki bar, the original Unicorn Shake, drone light shows and other strange things we learned from Coachella weekend one

From a guest performance by Drake to an art installation pretty much designed for kids peaking on molly, there are A LOT of surprises at Coachella this year. Here is the lowdown on what you need to know about Coachella 2017.

8. Coachella Launches an AR / VR App That You Can Use Year-Round

Forget birds, put a Disco Shark on it—and that's exactly what Coachella's new AR / VR app allows you to do. This free app from the Apple Store will let you spice up your photos and videos will cool effects, whether you use it at Coachella or from the safety of your cubical. 

7. There's a Secret Tiki Bar 

Hmm okay ... to tell you where the secret Tiki bar is located, but to allow for some sense of discovery, let's just say you head to the Beer Barn and look around for something tropical. This will be your entrance to PDTiki, a pop-up concept from New York's PDT (Please Don't Tell). Expect tropical drinks made with rum and Blue Curacao as well as refreshing twists on crowd favorites (celery gin and tonic, anyone?). Read more about this oasis of quirk on DoLA or Time Out Los Angeles.

6. The Food is Bonkers

Where else can you binge on mac and cheese burgers, a Peruvian burrito, nitro coconut ice cream and tater tots topped with melted raclette cheese or Flamin' Hot Cheetos dust? The food coma is real at Coachella. Pro tip: Be sure to stop by Sweet Combforts for a Fruity Pebbles Waffle Pop or a Lucky Charms-topped Unicorn Shake (eat your heart out, Starbucks).

5. Kendrick Lamar Hits Us Like 'DAMN'

Kendrick Lamar unveiled his latest project, 'DAMN' on the Friday of Coachella weekend one, and festival-goers were among the first to hear his new tracks, including "LOVE" and "HUMBLE."

TBH, no one was singing along and the vibe was a little sleepy during the first weekend. But now that fans have had a week to sit with the album, I expect the crowd to get hype AF when he performs selects from his latest LP.

4. Drones Are Taking Over, and We're All Doomed

On both Friday and Saturday, an army of drones took to the sky to fly in formation and freak us the fuck out. The end-of-days music really couldn't have been more terrifying as drones formed colorful shapes (the iconic Coachella Ferris wheel, trippy spirals and cubes). The drone light show tends to occur near the main stage, sometime between the second to last performance and the headlining act. Get your camera ready.

3. Even the Biggest Band in the World Fails

Radiohead's Coachella performance (aka Soundgate) was riddled with awkward sound issues, including long stretches without any sound at all. The band walked off stage twice! Consummate professionals, Radiohead kept playing each time the sound cut out.

"I'd like to tell you a joke to lighten the mood, but we're Radiohead so fuck it," said Thom Yorke before rather appropriately launching into 'Street Spirit (Fade Out).'

"...and fade out again and fade out again," he sang.

2. Coachella Wants You To Trip Balls

Guys, there is an air-conditioned dome near the DoLab called "The Antarctic," and you have to go—whether you popped a molly or not. You will be mesmerized by this 360-degree audio-visual sensory experience as you slouch into the comfiest chair in Coachella history.

1. DJ Snake Will Make You See God

Yes, catch some of Martin Garixx in the Sahara Tent but then you better book it to the Outdoor Stage for DJ Snake. He annihilated the crowd with nasty trap, moombahton and remixes of your favorite bangers. But best of all, DJ Snake brought out 90's superstar Lauryn Hill for three, jaw-dropping tracks. He also brought out Migos (who performed with Future the night before as well as with Kendrick Lamar the night after) for everyone's favorite trap tune of the moment, 'Bad and Boujee.' Who will join DJ Snake on stage for weekend two? Well, there's only one way to find out.

See you in the desert this weekend.