Candytopia Is a Sugar High on Acid


A Sugar-themed art exhibit is taking over your Instagram feed, and it's name is Candytopia

A world of pure imagination awaits at Candytopia, a delicious candy-themed art installation currently on exhibit at Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, Calif. At this dreamlike pop-up, I swam in a marshmallow pool, hung out under the sea with a shark and seahorse made of sweets, got confetti sprayed at me from a candy pig’s butt (yes I just typed that) and ate more candy in a day than I typically do in a year.


While exploring Candytopia, guests are treated to free sugary samples of all different types including sour candies, gummies, chocolate truffles and nostalgic treats such as Pixy Stix and candy bracelets. I was bouncing off the walls, and the video below is inescapable proof.


“The inspiration for Candytopia is part of my quirky personality, my love for fun and my love for candy and sugar," said celebrity candy stylist and Candytopia creator Jackie Sorkin. "And really just creating an experience and an environment for people to do some really crazy fun things that don’t really make sense.”

Candytopia features over a dozen unique rooms and larger-than-life installations. You might even come across a Komodo dragon made with 4,200 pieces of yellow Spree candies, mini gummy bears, juicy pear Jelly Belly beans, mango sour belts, lemon sour belts and black penguin gummies ... that's art made from 17,000 grams of sugar! From the moment you first walk in, you'll be amazed by what Sorkin and her team have accomplished with candy as their canvas. They've even gone as far as reimagine some of the world's most famous paintings—from Vincent van Gogh's "The Starry Night" to the work of Andy Warhol—in edible form.

“What I really want people to get here is that life doesn’t have to be that serious. There’s so much stress. Leave that stuff at the door," said Sorkin. "Here, you get to have fun and eat candy. And no one is making you feel bad about it.”

Candytopia is a limited engagement in Santa Monica Place, open through July 3. Adult tickets cost $30 and tickets for children (ages 4-12) are $23. Additional cities and locations will be announced soon.