Belle Mont Farm On St. Kitts is Bananas Gorgeous and Here's Why


Belle Mont Farm—St Kitts' breathtaking, $600 million property—is so sustainable that you can 'eat' its golf course

Food & Wine may have called it the “Best New Caribbean Hotel” and Travel + Leisure dubbed it one of the “Best New Hotels on the Planet.” Yet anyone who works for St. Kitts’ most luxurious property will tell you that Belle Mont Farm isn’t actually a hotel. Rather, employees describe Belle Mont Farm as nothing other than what it sounds like … a working farm. Call it what you want, but this 400-acre hillside property just so happens to own and operate a hotel that is drop-dead gorgeous.

Perched in the foothills of Mount Liamuiga Volcano, Belle Mont Farm features 84 cottages, seven four-bedroom farmhouses and a destination spa hidden by giant mango trees. It’s part of the $600 million development known as Kittitian Hill and is world-renowned for its commitment to sustainability. 

Fun/sad fact: Approximately 95 percent of St. Kitts’ food is imported. How messed up is that? Thankfully, Belle Mont Farm is on a mission to create a culture of sustainability, from the farm to your fork. As it stands right now, some 80 percent of Belle Mont Farm’s food is grown on property. And anything that they can’t produce themselves—such as pork, fish or dairy products—is sourced from nearby purveyors. 

The property even offers one of the world’s only *organic* 18-hole golf courses, and the course is lovingly named Irie Fields. That means no pesticides nor fertilizer are ever in use. And get this, the owner of the property says the golf course is edible. But like don’t try to eat it, K?


On my visit, I was overcome by the sheer beauty of the resort. On par with Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, Belle Mont Farm has one of the finest views of St. Kitts and is positioned at the unique point at which the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea converge. It’s a view that can’t really be properly conveyed unless you see it for yourself. So, I’ve done the next best thing and edited a 360-degree video that will give you a taste of what life is like at Belle Month Farm. And from this vantage point, life is pretty damn good.

The view from Irie Fields, Belle Mont Farm's 18-hole, organic golf course. Image courtesy of Belle Mont Farm.

The view from Irie Fields, Belle Mont Farm's 18-hole, organic golf course. Image courtesy of Belle Mont Farm.

My trip to St. Kitts was made possible by the St. Kitts Tourism Authority. Views expressed are my own. Please note that this is an immersive 360-degree experience. For better results, view in a Google Daydream View or Cardboard using the YouTube app on your mobile device or desktop browser. You can also this view on Veer VR or Samsung VR using a Gear VR headset.