This is the World's Largest Spa


Therme Erding combines relaxing thermal pools with 27 heart-stopping water slides 

About an hour's drive from Munich, a colossal spa and waterpark awaits—Therme Erding. It's known as the world's largest thermal spa—but it's insane water slides, including a VR water slide—are what truly turn heads.

Visitors can choose between two VR experiences. Image courtesy of  Therme Erding .

Visitors can choose between two VR experiences. Image courtesy of Therme Erding.

New this summer at Therme Erding is the  €1.6 million Big Wave, Germany's first open-air tyre slide. It's composed of two scary-as-hell slide attractions Urknall and Sidewinder. How does it work? Well something like this: When descending Urknall, you'll swing back and forth up to nine times super fast (up to 45 km per hour) then, you'll hit some rapids while turning a corner. Next, you'll find yourself on the Sidewinder, which swings your body back and forth yet again—with forces up to 3 G. Still with me? Did you wince a bit? I sure did. As you can imagine, this new attraction is not for the faint of heart.

There's something for everyone at Therme Erding, though, even if you just want to kick back in a plush, private lounger and escape the crowds. Some of Therme Erding's top features include:

  • A lazy river with a swim-up bar
  • 13 infusion saunas, nine action saunas, three Roman saunas and two steam baths
  • A salt cave
  • 27 water slides, including the Magic Eye—the world’s longest tube slide at 365 meters
  • Some 300 palm trees 
  • Daily waterslide races on the Black Mamba 
  • The X-Treme Faser water slide that can send guests zooming up 72 km per hour
  • Hotel Victory Therme Erding, a whimsical, nautical-themed hotel that kids go nuts for

I visited this massive spa and water park with my family in Germany, and I must say it was a bit of a culture shock. There was so much to see and do, and a single day is not quite long enough to cover it all. We managed to hit a few water slides—including the VR water slide and the Magic Eye—which blew us away. Check out the fun we had in the video I produced for BuzzFeed Bring Me below.