Yes, Beer Yoga is an Actual Real and True Thing in Berlin


Beer and yoga? Now this is how you get into the flow!

With all the unusual yoga trends out there—including doing downward-facing dog with a goat on your back—it should come as no surprise that there's a yoga class designed especially for beer-lovers. But somehow, when Tastemade Travel asked me to check out BierYoga this summer, the whole idea seemed a bit nuts to me (in a good way). BierYoga in Berlin, Germany, combines traditional yoga poses with two bottles of your favorite German brew. That means you can sip and "salute the sun" in one fell swoop.  

Held at open-air festivals, co-working spaces, pubs and parks, BierYoga is open to anyone over the age of 16 and costs $10 (beer is an additional cost). Check out the current schedule here and get first-hand look at what this quirky experience is actually like in my video below.